Is there anything that is not allowed to be sold on Sash Cart?

Products/Services not allowed to be sold or advertised on Sasha Cart:

  1. Tobacco Products (anything that contains tobacco or nicotine) I.E. But not limited to:
  • Cigarettes
  • Cigars 
  • E-Cig Liquids
  • Nicotine Patches
  • Nicotine Gum

2. Products Containing Alcohol 

  • Beer 
  • Wine 
  • Liquor 
  • Wine Coolers 
  • Jello-Shots 
  • Etc.

3. Firearms, and Ammunition

  • Guns including: Handguns, Pistols, Rifles, Shotguns, Flare-Guns
  • Any kind of Ammunition for any of the above

4. Sexually Explicit Content, Sex Products and/or Services I.E:

  • Sex Counseling Services
  • Sex Enhancing Products
  • Sexual Content of any kind (videos, dating/solicitation offers, etc.)


5. Fake/"Knock-Off" Luxury Products:

  • Fake designer products of any and all kinds including but not limited to:
  • Belts, Purses, Shoes, Watches, Clothes, Hats, Jewelry, etc.

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